The IT service provider codecentric relies on an employment model that offers employees time for further development. As an employee you only work four days a week – the fifth working day can be used for your own knowledge and for training – with a full salary. “Such a model is not a dream of the future, but already a reality for our employees.” Michael Hochgürtel, board member of codecentric, explained this in his speech at the event. “Modern forms of work and organization: the future is today”. The event, which drew around 60 visitors, took place in the headquarter in Solingen. It was organized by the association DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER and codecentric.

The workplace plays a major role in the war for talents

“4 + 1” is the name of the new, yet unusual employment model that meets the needs of IT professionals: “In the digital world of work, innovations are constantly taking place. That’s why employees are forced to constantly expand their knowledge. “We give them space to experiment”, says Michael Hochgürtel. Part of the corporate concept is that employees largely determine their own jobs. “Our 500 employees can connect to each other on the Internet and work together online.” There is only a small sales team and steering and management levels have been almost completely abandoned.

“Teamwork and personal responsibility of each employee are very important.” Lothar Grünewald and Marco van der Meer of DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER emphasized the sustainability of the codecentric concept. “In times of a shortage of skilled workers and increased competition among IT companies, the attractiveness of jobs is playing an increasingly important role.”

Here you will find the picture gallery of the very well attended event.

Lothar Grünewald

Lothar Grünewald

Regional Board Member - DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER e.V.