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As an exporting country, Germany is challenged more than ever in a globalized world between large (economic) blocs. It is no longer enough to offer high quality products to the world. The key to success lies in marketing. It is necessary to know the characteristics of each international sales market in order to pursue a consistent and targeted marketing strategy.

Many companies are wondering if they should work with distributors / merchants in the respective countries, or if they need to set up their own subsidiaries.

Regardless of this decision, it is essential to build up market competence of the respective target country in your own headquarter. The bridge function, meaning the mediation between the corporate personality (DNA) and the specific market requirements, is central to the long-term success in a foreign market.

If you want to do establish successful business abroad, you have to deal intensively with the markets and its characteristics in order to find a market strategy that corresponds to your own corporate goals.

Grünewald Consulting, as German partner of INAC Global Executive Search, supports international companies in identifying such key functions.

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Lothar Grünewald

Lothar Grünewald

Managing Director - Grünewald Consulting GmbH