Grünewald Consulting intensifies its business relations and targets the Swedish market.


Beginning of April this year our Managing Director Lothar Grünewald visited one of our two Swedish INAC partners People Impact in Malmö. Besides exchanging market information and presenting our digital avatars, we talked about the planning of concrete business initiatives.

In particular we discussed about targeting industries such as chemistry, mechanical engineering, consumer goods and paper industry.


Lothar Grünewald summarized: „Sweden is an amazing country with a lot of power, innovation and highly sympathetic people – an excellent base for great business initiatives!“


About Sweden:

More than 10 Mio. inhabitants are living in a country that is 25% bigger then Germany (with about 80 Mio. inhabitants). Sweden is known as the land of a thousand lakes. There are about 90,000 inland water bodies.

With a gross domestic product of 476 billion Euros, Sweden is the ninth largest economy in Europe. 

In the country’s overall economic performance, services take the largest place with 65%, followed by industry with 33%.

The main industries are focussed on car manufacturing, wood processing, medicines, machines and electronics. The country is also rich in mineral resources. These include iron ore, copper, lead and zinc.

The four biggest companies – turnover wise – are Ikea, the Volvo group, Ericsson, H&M.


Our Swedish Partners from People Impact: Anne Barbosa (l.) and Boel Lundell (r.)

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